Beyond Rest exists to help people find their super power’s through floating. An ultimate relaxation experience, floating has been used as a form of therapy for many years and there are over 500 floating centres worldwide, however it is only now becoming mainstream in Australia. Floating can help make a difference in both people’s physical lives, through the reduction of pain and increase of relaxation; as well as people’s emotional lives, through enhancing creativity and wellbeing as well as creating a sense of connection, awareness, clarity and control.

Started by brothers Nick and Ben Dunin, Beyond Rest believes in helping people get in touch with their real selves. We currently have 2 locations in Australia ñ one in Prahran, Victoria, and one in Perth, Western Australia ñ and are ready to start construction on two more centres in Brisbane and Perth. We are looking to expand further and bring this amazing floating experience to more people. Over the past few years the Beyond Rest team have worked to refine our offer and source the best technologies to make this a truly successful and profitable business opportunity with potential for growth.


Our Mission

Our Purpose
Our ultimate cause is to create an inspirational experience which Reconnects people to their true selves and a life of purpose. 

To Raise Consciousness
Having more people living at a higher consciousness to make better decisions for the environment and people around the world. 

Our Values 

Inspiring others to reconnect to their true self
By the way we live our lives as a group, together we can do amazing things together, living a life that is true to us rather than what others have wanted of us. We will never stop growing ourselves. 

We live our life mission passionately
We live with an upbeat enthusiastic, fun-loving approach to every interaction we have.


Authenticity - being who we truly are
We don't ware masks or try to be someone we are not. We know we are not perfect but choose to be the hero's of our own story. 

kindness is shown to everyone
we don’t see a customer, a work colleague or a business parter, we see a person. kindness, empathy and consideration are always shown with every person that we interact with. 


Making a difference to others
we use all skills in our power to produce new ideas & actions which help to make positive change in the lives of others.

The Gang

Nick Dunin - Co-Founder & CEO

With 14 years online marketing experience, he has established and grown a number businesses, including a multi-million $  business at 23, a successful mortgage online leads business, a 400 person marketing agency in India as well as 6 years running successful Perth digital agency.


Jono is hardworking, friendly and loves helping people. He supports business owners with guidance and training to ensure best practice. He drives team performance built on our company values of authenticity, inspiration and making a difference to others. 



Ben is an active listener with exceptional people skills. In his 13 years retail experience, he has turned around several unprofitable operations. Ben is a born closer and winner of several sales awards to prove it.


Build a meaningful career that funds your dreams with a Beyond Rest Franchise

Build a meaningful career that funds your dreams with a Beyond Rest Franchise

Strong Brand - We help people reconnect to their true selves and improve their lives. A focus on truly building centres that enhance the floatation experience from the centre design, the pods to the customer interaction, everything is done to create a deep calm experience that is widely talked about.

Proven Success - Established in 2012 in Perth with our Perth centre was highly successful from it's start with our second location in Prahran a bigger hit in a more established floating market. Currently opening 3 new locations improving our two existing centre models. 

Training Programs - We offer you 6 stages of comprehensive set up support to get your doors open on time and on budget. We also provide you with 4 stages of ongoing support with us helping at your centre to have it running smoothly in the beginning along with personal development work. 

Ongoing Operational Support -  We offer tested operations processes and strong systems to help keep your business running smoothly day after day. We provide ongoing support systems, so that you’re not left on your own ñ we will always be there to guide you closer to success.

Marketing Assistance - Our corporate led integrated marketing campaigns will have customers continuing to walk through your doors. With our easy to understand and implement yet incredibly powerful systems, we’ll teach you 13 local marketing techniques to easily recruit a consistent client base.


A Strong Community - Floating will become a way of life for you. You’ll be building a community around your centre and you will benefit from the shared vision and camaraderie that it brings.  You will become known as the floatation expert, and people will come to you for advice, so you’ll have the opportunity to observe their progress as people benefit from the sessions in the tank.

Franchise Launch Setup - We offer an efficient launch process so you don’t have to stress about unproductive time launching the business from finding the site, council negotiations, building an amazing temple, marketing the centre to opening the doors successfully. 

Establishment Costs & Returns - Initial establishment costs of $380,000-$520,000 which is largely dependent on the type of centre we build and the area it is in. We have seen our capital returned in 2-3 years of setup. 


We Will Help You Become a Successful Beyond Rest Franchisee

We Will Help You Become a Successful Beyond Rest Franchisee